Meet The Split Personalities of The Drunk Monkey
The Analyzer
“I can figure this out.”

When The Drunk Monkey is playing the role of The Analyzer it over thinks everything. The Analyzer spends endless time looking at possibilities, trying to decide if something is right or wrong. Ultimately, it is paralyzed by all this “thinking it through” and it finds itself immobilized by its own analytic nature.

The Assassin
“I kill whatever is scary.”

When The Drunk Monkey is playing the role of The Assassin, it drives you to go on the attack. This might be in the form of mentally fantasizing about revenge or wishing ill-will on someone. The Assassin Drunk Monkey builds a case as to why other people are wrong or should be stopped. In the extreme, it gets you to use negative political force against people or take revenge against things it doesn't agree with.

The Bully
“I beat you up.”

When The Drunk Monkey is playing the role of The Bully it uses its power, opinions and judgements against you. There is no escape from the ongoing assault. It tells you that you are too fat, too short, not smart enough, not attractive enough, not a good parent..... on and on into eternity it unleashes its endless commentary. The Bully beats you up, and beats up other people. It’s just plain old mean. See it for what it is; scared of the unknown, scared of change, scared of not being in control.

The Distractor
“I shift your focus to the unimportant.”

When The Drunk Monkey is playing
the role of The Distractor it pulls your attention away from what you really desire. When you feel like you never get to do the things you want to do, The Distractor is at work. It is a master at making you think that you need to do all the little actions in your business and your life. It says you have to do it all, and keeps you stuck where you are. It convinces you that things that aren’t important are in fact emergencies that need to be dealt with now, right when you start working on something that is important to you.

The Enlightened
“I am all knowing.”

The Enlightened Drunk Monkey is
the self-appointed spiritually elite. From its lofty perch, it holds people accountable to a code of ethics, morals and values that no one actually agreed to. And, then it decides who is worth helping, who is good, and who is bad. It is convinced that other people just don’t get it.

The Judge
“I know what is right and wrong.”

When The Drunk Monkey is playing the role of The Judge it believes that it is the authority on all things, knowing what is right or wrong for all people and all situations. It holds people accountable to agreements that they never made and condemns them for not following its rules. The Judge is repelling. People can hear The Drunk Monkey's judgmental tone in even the most casual conversations and they secretly fear that it will judge them too. Opportunities do not come easily to The Judge. Believing it knows everything keeps it in a very small, compact world where it thinks it is the ruler. Meanwhile, it misses out... and doesn't know why.

The Protector
“I’ll keep you safe.”

The Protector Drunk Monkey identies potential threats and tries to avoid or protect you against them. The Protector spends its time scouting out potential danger. It reacts defensively to threats that do not actually exist. As a result you ready for anything and are never able to be fully relaxed.

The Psychic
“I can predict the future.”

When The Drunk Monkey playing the
role of The Psychic it believes that it can predict the future. The Psychic Drunk Monkey is constantly frustrated because the reality of today almost never matches what it predicted. The Psychic is arrogant and believes that the world “should be” the way it has predicted and it gets upset when its predictions don’t come true.

The Superhero
“I’ll save the day!”

When The Drunk Monkey is playing the role of The Superhero it thinks it is better than others. It is the one to save the world, the day, the situation. The Superhero Drunk Monkey is convinced it knows what is best for every thing, every person and every situation it encounters, and can’t help but insert itself. The hero-complex plagues The Superhero when it’s sure what its doing is “right” - even though it runs over people in the process.

The Victim
“I cannot escape my circumstances.”

When The Drunk Monkey is playing
the role of The Victim it tells you that you are powerless. Te Victim Drunk Monkey sees the world as a dangerous place filled with scary people who will take advantage of you. The Victim steals your power by falsely making you believe that you have no control over your life. It convinces you that you are at the effect of life, and not the creator of your experience.

The Worrier
“I fear the unknown.”

When The Drunk Monkey is playing the role of The Worrier it fears the unknown. It is trying to protect you from all of the danger that doesn’t exist in the world. The Worrier Drunk Monkey looks at what is wrong with life, questions people's motives and seeks out potential destruction before it arrives in order to avoid it. The Worrier visualizes negative scenarios over and over, creating unwanted stress in the body.

The Drunk Monkey limits
Feeling trapped? It's to blame.

The Drunk Monkey is not designed to be a goal achiever. It is your survival mechanism - keeping you safe from things that aren't actually dangerous. It plays defense, when playing offense is required. It's constant commentary about how things are, what other's are doing, what's right, what's wrong only serves to distract you from living the life you really want. Once you see it in action, you will naturally want to get it under control!  

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