Meet The Drunk Monkey

Meet The Drunk Monkey

Matthew Ferry coined the term "The Drunk Monkey" in 1991. Today he's the pre-eminent authority having taught 1000s to spot and neutralize the uninvited talking in their head.

The Drunk Monkey is that non-stop talking, running commentary in your head that is constantly judging, assessing and keeping you safe from things that aren't dangerous. It’s constant need to think, review, consider, evaluate and comment blocks your ability to experience peace of mind, and to achieve your biggest goals. Ultimately, The Drunk Monkey is the underlying cause of worry, stress and frustration.

In fact, he looks harmless enough. But once you really start to pay attention, you’ll see this sucker is robbing your happiness, blocking you from getting the things that you truly desire, and even keeping the people that you love at arms length. To The Drunk Monkey, life is scary. And it’s job is to protect you – even from your dreams and people that mean the most to you. Yes, it’s crazy. But once you learn to tame the insanity that he brings to everyday life, the faster you start manifesting your deepest dreams and desires.

So why do you need to know about The Drunk Monkey? Because once you understand how this biological mechanism is really running the show in your life, you'll be able to do something about it. And that's where I come in.

Let's do this,
If you see The Drunk Monkey stopping you, then you can do something about it.
The Drunk Monkey uses its personalities against you. Find out how...
Are you ready to tame The Drunk Monkey?
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  • Spot your fight or flight system in action and move back into logic
  • Eliminate reactions so you have the clarity to respond with power
  • Diffuse frustration so you can tackle problems big and small with ease
  • Get back into an effective mental state, so you can perform your best
  • Put things into perspective so you are thinking clearly
  • Lower your stress levels so you have energy and focus
  • Increase your level of confidence, so you experience more ease and flow
  • Become unstoppable, and accelerate your biggest goals and dreams
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